I have recently worked with Studio V performing original songs as well as my interview where I discuss my inspirations behind them. Studio V's amazing short films showcase young female artists and presents a series of performances following interviews of their ideas behind thier choices.

The incredibly talented songwriter Abby Greenwood helped me with the emotive lyrics to both these songs.



This song was inspired by the idea of aspirations and things in life changing and moving onwards and upwards for the better. The realisation that in life anyone can do anything which makes them feel fulfilled and achieve whatever they wish with passion and drive and a positive attitude.


Hush is a more personal and fragile song, revealing our insecurities. The verses portray these, each personal to me and Abby, while the chorus is more uplifting and comforting. It's what we tell each other but cannot seem to tell ourselves.

© 2018 by Beth Makariou.